In the early days of the development of Ampersand, it was a single person's project. Haskell was used as programming language, and the source code was kept on a single PC. Fortunately, things have evolved. Now we have a team, and we use quite a lot of open source tooling to help us along. The downside is that not everybody in the team knows all there is to know about the tooling. The purpose of this guide is to help out. It will also be a great place to start for new team members. Another purpose of this book is to get used to the GitBook, that is used to write this documentation.

The up to date version of this book is published automatically every time a commit is done to the master branch.

Organization of this book

You will find a chapter for each tool that we use and for which there is something interesting to tell.

Contributions to the documentation

If you have anything to fix or details to add, just post a comment next to the paragraph. We really appreciate if you do so, because our readers know best what it is they are looking for in the docs.

You can do that by clicking the '+' icon that appears when you hover above the paragraph. Don't be shy! Try it out!


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