Functionality of RAP4

These pages are meant to describe the functionality of RAP4. As RAP4 is still under development, some of this functionality is still work in progress. We will tell the current status of everything mentioned here. While doing so, this document will grow until it describes everything one can do with RAP4.
The purpose of RAP4 is to be a platform for people to learn how to work with Ampersand. We distinguage the following ROLEs:
  • Student.
  • Tutor. This role is to watch the progress of students, and being able to give guidance.
  • AccountMgr. This role is to create accounts and to grant access rights to users.
  • GradStudent. This role is for more advanced students.
All of the above users have access to the login page. Further functionality is based on specific roles.

Logging in

When you log in, a userid and password must be entered.

Logging out

After you have logged in, this screen turns into a logout-screen. The menu bar gives you the options you are entitled to by the role(s) you have. In this case you get MyScripts and My Account:
In the next pages, the functionality is described by role.
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