Installation of RAP

RAP is a Repository for Ampersand Projects. This tool is being used by the Open University of the Netherlands in the course Rule-Based Design. It lets users analyse Ampersand models, generate functional specifications, and make prototypes of information systems. It is the primary tool for students in relation to Ampersand.
Deployment means to install RAP4 on a web server or a laptop of your own. The easiest way to try Ampersand, however, is by just using the OUNL-installation and avoid the installation.

Automated deployment

We use Docker for automating the deployment and making RAP portable over different platforms. The following three sections report three different installations we did:
These three reports will most likely contain enough information to let you reproduce the installation on a computer or platform of your own.
The last section of this chapter discusses the making of docker images, which you may need if the above does not work because the images are (for any reason whatsoever) unavailable on the internet.

Questions? Need help?

Don't hesitate to contact Han Joosten. He'll be glad to help out.