Documenting with GitBook
Gitbook is used to maintain Ampersand documentation in a collaborative way. This page is the work instruction for all those who help to document Ampersand in Gitbook.
We use Gitbook for the following purposes:
  1. 1.
    to maintain documentation that changes continuously as a team, without having too much work on the coordination of this collaboration;
  2. 2.
    to get good looking documentation with little effort;
  3. 3.
    to maintain the documentation on the internet, so we can hyperlink to it from anywhere.
The documentation you are reading at this very moment is created using GitBook. It allows to write the documentation in Markdown, which is an easy to use document-format.
The documentation can be changed by the gitbook-editors of Ampersand. For helping to document Ampersand, please request an authorization for Gitbook with an administrator or owner.
The documentation is organized as a book. We prefer this over a traditional wiki, because a book contains a content part, which helps both author as well as the reader to think about structure, so everything can easily be found. Each book can be served as a (part of a) website, as well be downloaded in several forms, like pdf or e-book. We use a fully automated toolchain to build the book for each commit to the master branch of a book.
At AmpersandTarski, we currently have two repositories, each dedicated to the documentation for a specific audience:
  1. 1.
    The repository AmpersandTarski/TheToolsWeUse contains the contents of the book you are currently reading. You probably found it here. This document is not about Ampersand, but about the way Ampersand is being developed
  2. 2.
    The repository AmpersandTarski/documentation is going to contain the documentation about Ampersand itself.
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