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What makes you curious?...

  1. I'm just interested to know who might use Ampersand and for which purposes. Click here to learn why you want Ampersand.

  2. I am a student wanting to use Ampersand in class. This tutorial was made just for you.

  3. I am a computer professional in need of a good method for designing an information system.

  4. I am a scientific researcher and I want to know about the theory behind Ampersand.

  5. I am a software engineer and I want to change Ampersand to suit my needs.

  6. I work in industry and I want to enhance my business by means of Ampersand.


Ampersand is a project with no funds. The people who are supporting Ampersand are volunteers with little spare time. This explains why there are omissions in this text. So please condone any shortcomings. We are looking for skilled volunteers to help this project forward, by the way.


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