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  1. "I'm just interested to know who might use Ampersand and for which purposes." Click here to learn why you might want Ampersand.

  2. "I am a student wanting to use Ampersand in class." This tutorial was made just for you. Students who like something different will love it.

  3. "I am a computer professional in need of a good method for designing an information system." Computer professionals who like fast results will be thrilled, provided they make the effort of learning.

  4. "I am a scientific researcher and I want to learn more about the research behind Ampersand." Scientists who like formal methods will appreciate this particular use of relation algebra.

  5. "I am a software engineer and I want to change Ampersand to suit my needs." You'll be delighted to see that your back-end software is as adaptable as your front-end software, and everything is generated towards proven technology for the sake of maintainable results.

  6. "I work in an industry, an enterprise, or a government institute and I hope Ampersand is the silver bullet that kills all vampires and solves my problems." Alas, there's no such thing as a free lunch. Ampersand is not interesting for you. (Ampersand promises correct data and fast development to those who don't believe in fairy tales and do want to make the effort.)

One bite at a time

Rarely does one need to learn everything there is to know about Ampersand. Take one bite at a time, no more than you can chew, and use it in practice immediately. Learn as you go...


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