To document our long-term vision, this page summarizes the plans we have with Ampersand.


This chapter discusses future plans. Click on the hyperlinks for details
  • In this video discusses the plans in 7min30 (in Dutch)
  • To understand our plans, this section describes the current state of Ampersand.
  • Instead of storing data to an SQL database only, we want to other types of databases to work with Ampersand as well. Especially NoSQL databases (e.g. triple stores, graph databases, persistent event streaming) seem very suited for Ampersand.
  • To generate APIs is what Ampersand does already. We also want to generate documentation of the (generated) API to make it more useful in real life.
  • To work closer in sync with the semantic web we want to accept OWL and RDFS input. Currently Ampersand accepts Ampersand-syntax, Archimate-xml, and Excel as input.
  • To generate reactive web-applications instead of a classical object-oriented web-application is why we want to refactor the Ampersand front-end.