Ampersand and Docker

Deploying your Ampersand application has been automated, so you can deploy fast and deploy anywhere. Read this section for the quick "how-to's", examples, and the bigger picture behind it.

Different aspects of the Ampersand user's environment can be containerized 1. Ampersand compiler 1. Modelling environment for Ampersand user (incl. VSCode extensions) 1. Prototype environment, including:

  • Apache webserver with PHP

  • Ampersand compiler

  • PHP-composer

  • NPM (Node Package Manager)

  • Gulp

    1. Multi-stage prototype build, only:

  • Apache webserver with PHP

  • Generated code

    1. Prototype database

  • MariaDB with default user/password

A docker-compose file is available to deploy prototype, database and supporting tools (like phpMyAdmin)

Deploy your local environment to run Ampersand prototypes

The project-template repository contains a docker-compose and Dockerfile to generate, build and run a prototype application.

Run: docker-compose up -d to deploy the following services:

  • Apache webserver

    • Serves your prototypes

    • Available in the browser at http://localhost:80

  • phpMyAdmin dashboard

    • Available in the browser at http://localhost:8080

  • MariaDB database

    • Not directly exposed on host