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To use the Ampersand compiler from the command line without installing Ampersand, you can call on Docker. This page gives you the quick "how-to's" for this purpose.
To run the Ampersand compiler from any computer that runs docker, use a Docker image from our Ampersand repository on GitHub: docker.pkg.github.com/ampersandtarski/ampersand/ampersand
Make a shortcut tag to save typing:
docker tag docker.pkg.github.com/ampersandtarski/ampersand/ampersand ampersand
Different tags are available, e.g.:
  • :latest -> development branch It contains the most recent developments that have passed the automated test sets.
  • :stable -> master branche This contains the latest stable release of ampersand. Use it for the lowest risk.
  • :[branch] -> specific branch This allows you to pick a version yourself
  • :v3.17 -> specific tags/releases To use a specific previous version.
docker run -it -v "$(pwd)":/usr/local/project ampersand [OPTIONS] FILE
This alternative presumes you have docker installed on your computer and it can be found (i.e. the path is set correctly).
If you experience problems downloading from docker.pkg.github.com, you may first have to log in with an appropriate token. Generate a token on github and be sure to switch on all repo-rights and the read:packages-right. With that token log in:
docker login -u <GITHUB USERNAME> -p <TOKEN> docker.pkg.github.com